Skull Candles


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Skull Candles are shaped like the human head and are used to read other people thoughts, to cure sickness, for the purpose of protection, banish negativity and to bring a positive change.

The Skull candles are available in many colors including Red, Black, White, Green etc.

Black Skull Candles

The Black Skull Candle has been created to be used in your spells and rituals for purposes ranging from ancestors' worship and seeking the spirit world to create a positive change.

Green Skull Candle

The Green Skull Candles is a very powerful tool in your candle magic helping to end streaks of bad luck and financial misfortunate to bring prosperity and good luck into your life.

Red Skull Candle

The Red Skull candle can be burned within your rituals to help initiate positive change, particularly in matters of

love, lust and passion.

White Skull Candle

Light the White Skull Candle for Healing or in reverence of your ancestors or to use to bring on positive energy and to create a positive new beginning worth your life.
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